Easy, fast and accurate data
Forensic as a Service
Logiechain Inc. revolutionizes challenging forensic procedures.
Logichain Inc. revolutionizes the long-lasting verification process.
Logichain Inc. revolutionizes data management.
  1. Blockchain & FinTech ESG Service Competition(KISA)
  2. Japan Fintech(Fino Lab)
  3. support start-up growth technology development(MSS)
  4. Fintech API Support(KISA)
  5. Global Academy of Entrepreneurship(KOSMES)
  6. Kibo Camp 12th
  1. Woori Financial Group's Dino Lab 3.5th
  2. Incheon International Airport Corporation ICN-LAB
  3. KISA-SK Securities Blockchain Startup Innovation Growth Support Project
  4. AI Demonstration Test Bed Project(NIPA)
  5. Defense Technology Utilization Competition Award(DAPA)
  6. Defense Venture Support Project(DJTP)
  7. AI Capacity Enhancement Support Project(Innopolis)
  1. Blockchain Consulting Support Project(NIPA)
  2. Ministry of SMEs and Startups Non-face-to-face Startup Development Project(KISED)
  1. Non-face-to-face service information protection hackathon(KISA)
  2. Start-up of LogiChain Inc.
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